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Blu-ray authoring under Linux

Currently, many tools are not available on Linux. It is impossible:

  • to create HDMV Blu-ray menus,
  • Create or manage playlists files (MPLS) for Blu-ray,
  • Generate an UDF 2.50 ISO image with standard tools from the command line,
  • and finally, play a Blu-ray media with existing Linux media players.

However, some applications already exist and partly does the required job:

  • tsMuxer can generate a simple Blu-ray structure, multiplex streams in BDAV format, but it doesn’t support the interactive graffic stream for Bmue-ray menu and can’t do Blu-ray with multiple title (you must manually combine several structures and rework index.bdmv files and MovieObject.bdmv),
  • ImgBurn can burn and / or generate ISO images UDF 2.50, but this is not a Linux application (it works perfectly under Wine).

The articles in this section will try to address each point.